The advantages:

  • Being coached by a french Chef, interact with him or her
  • Cook in your own kitchen…very comfortable
  • Learn lots of new culinary technics, gestures…
  • Discover french gastronomy, or other food cultures
  • Enjoy meeting other participants of your class
  • Directly after the class, seat and enjoy the meal with your relatives

Using your phone, laptop or any other tool, cook in live, from your kitchen, coached by our Chef!

With a limited number of participants, your chef will show you the technical gestures, cook the recipe with you, answer your questions.

With minimal equipement required and a shopping list of very simple ingredients sent before the event, you will have the opportunity to attend a private lesson.

We also make sure you get technical informations as connexion link, session number etc…

You can attend a cooking class and at the same time enjoy being with colleagues, friends or family, via Zoom.

Adapted formula for an event between colleagues or friends

Maintaining the link with your colleagues and friends becomes more important than ever.

In order to stimulate cohesion and motivation of remote teams, it is necessary to create moments of sharing and conviviality.

The remote cooking class is an original solution that will boost motivation and team spirit.

Cooking classes of 1 or 2 hours on different themes: french menu, Viva Italia, a trip to India, wine tasting, pastry for beginners…

Choose the time slot, everything is possible.

Coached by a professional chef, you will be all together and each one at home, to cook live.

You can also learn how to taste wine !

Cooking has never brought us so close !